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Too Long Gone

Posted in Personal/Meta by rearleft on November 28, 2011

Almost a year has passed since I last wrote in these pages. While this blog has lain fallow it’s remained the home page in my browser. Teknician Cat below glares at me plaintively every day. Today I sit hitting refresh intermittently on my inbox, waiting for the results to come in on the Master’s dissertation I submitted last month. Seems like as good a time as any to begin knocking Teknician Cat down a few posts…

2011, and particularly its latter half, has been a year of transition, completion, renewal, beginning. While I finished off my coursework and a 12,000 word dissertation at Universty of Sydney, I got my first taste of teaching in a university over at University of New South Wales. In a leap of faith based on a couple of conference presentations I gave at Making Links at the end of last year, Kath Albury gave me a shot at teaching Master’s coursework units offered by the Journalism and Media Research Centre at UNSW. In the second semester I was given the opportunity to be the course convenor of a unit on Online and Mobile Media. In addition to having a bit more responsibility for providing seminar outlines for another lecturer and handling some un-fun administrative things like student appeals, this meant that I was able to redesign the curriculum, which was great fun and a great learning experience.

So the plan to break into this academic game is on track, but I find myself in the precarious position of the proto-academic trying to piece together a year-round income. During 2012 I’ll be putting together PhD applications for schools here in Oz as well as in the US, with the goal of embarking on the next chapter of my study in 2013. Concurrently, I’ll be teaching at UNSW again in both Semesters, and I’d love to reconnect with some of the community media/arts/activist education that I come from and that still holds my heart.

These pages need some love and attention. Time to sow some seeds for the new season.

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