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50 in Fauxrabia

Posted in War & Culture by rearleft on July 8, 2009

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

In 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand, the player takes on the personas of 50, Tony Yayo, Lloyd Banks, and DJ Whoo Kid as they slaughter hordes of identifiably arab enemies, in an unidentifiable middle eastern locale. The G-Unit is on a quest to retrieve a diamond encrusted skull that they take in lieu of a $10 million payment from a concert promoter.

The skull seems to be a bootleg of Damien Hirst’s For the Love of God, a piece that also appears in the art for 50’s new mixtape, Forever King, which features one of the countless Michael Jackson sample cash-in tracks bouncing around right now.

Blood on the Sand takes place in one instance of a set fictional video game territories that I am calling Fauxrabia. Unlike all other examples of fictional arab/muslim game lands that I can think of, 50’s Fauxrabia is devoid of uniformed US forces. It is as though we are only 6 months in the future and Dubai has gone to hell in a handbasket very quickly in the interim.

Compare 50’s Fauxrabia with Full Spectrum Warrior‘s Fauxrabian territory,  Zekistan.

This is a big topic that I plan on digging much deeper into in future. Suggestions for stories (particularly from more seriously engaged gamers than myself) are encouraged.

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Satanic Decolonization

Posted in The Society for the Appreciation of Audio-Visual Culture by rearleft on March 5, 2009


I’ll be babysitting on the 14th so that DRG can have her first night out since Ramona came along.

This show features several of the bands that are in her very-almost-complete documentary Welcome to Metal Kingdom. The film chronicles the rise and fall of Metal Kingdom, a bar and record store in Long Island City, Queens. We’ve just finished the edit, Jeremy’s on the sound mix, I’m going to do some graphics and colour correction , and it will be ready for screenings!

I’m not now nor have I ever been a metalhead, but through my association with this project I’ve come to really appreciate some of the bands and people in our local metal scene. The best of it is represented in this show, which is a benefit for a Reaktor, a zine that covers metal, art, and politics, put together by the awesome Denise Ramirez.

Discordia are by far my favourite of all of the bands around Metal Kingdom, and they just seem to get better all the time. Slow, trancy dirges with Mixtli’s high-end scraping vocals AND a badass anticolonial ideological framework. Nice.

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Journey to Banana Land

Posted in The Society for the Appreciation of Audio-Visual Culture by rearleft on February 8, 2009


The New York Tropical sound continues to push forward with a bold disregard for borders on maps or between genres. Geko Jones and Uproot Andy are squarely at the intersections of an absurdly wide range of bass-anchored dance music from the equator and elsewhere. New York is blessed to have innovators like this in the mix to keep the sounds properly cross-pollinated.

Geko gives a sample of what it sounds like and where he’s coming from on his Dutty Artz brethren DJ /rupture‘s radio show, Mudd Up! on WFMU.

Uproot Andy’s got a side on the new 12″ on the Bersa Discos imprint that is on high rotation in my living room. A cumbia skeleton draped in a junglist’s skin. Looking forward to hearing that on a bigger sound system.

I’m super-stoked to be putting together some visuals for Geko for an upcoming show in this series. Not sure at this stage if it will be a pre-recorded mix or a live VJ thing. Content-wise the brief is NY Tropical, so expect dancing bananas and fighting cocks, cartoon Cantinflas and chopped and flipped neo-colonial propaganda films in a video mash-up style. Just a taste (NB: CLIP IS SILENT – watch with your favourite tropical-flavoured track):

I’ll be at Que Bajo?! early for a short while on Tuesday. You should check it out.

Spasm Hazard

Posted in The Society for the Appreciation of Audio-Visual Culture by rearleft on January 31, 2009

Filastine‘s got the ill visuals on this new video for Desordenador.

Vodpod videos no longer available.