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Posted in DigiCult, Dog Food, Media & Movements, Personal/Meta by rearleft on January 15, 2012

My very first academic journal article has been published. Yeah!

The paper was first written as an in-class assignment for a class in my Master’s called Digital Research & Publishing, led by Dr Morgan Richards. I presented some similar ideas at the Making Links conference in Perth, November of 2011. I’ve excerpted parts of it in these pages before.

This was one of the first pieces of writing I did after coming back to study. I don’t think it’s earth-shattering stuff by any means, but for me it helps frame some of the basic questions on the role of new media in social movements that I plan on exploring in much greater depth in the coming years.

It was also very cool to originally write this for a course on academic publishing in digital culture and then actually taken what I’d written there through a real peer review process and see it published on an open access journal.

DigiPopEd: Popular Education and Digital Culture (link)

OReillyRowe_DigiPopEd_JoCI (pdf)


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  1. lety said, on January 16, 2012 at 3:16 PM

    Congratulations Dan!!! And Happy New Year!
    Looking forward to reading it, especially since my own bias tends to focus on the negative aspects of technology / new media. So different, yet critical, perspectives are much appreciated.

  2. rearleft said, on January 16, 2012 at 5:42 PM

    Thanks Lety! Good to see you around here.

    Skepticism of tech is healthy. One of the things I try and point out in this article is that a lot of the good stuff attributed to “participatory media” can be found in pre-digital activist and educational practices.

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