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Plowshares Into Swords Into Plowshares


Nida Sinnokrot‘s installation Ka (JCB, JCB) pushes my reluctant spiritual buttons profoundly. Primal is a word that is overused, but in this case it rings true.

Ka (JCB, JCB), 2009

2 JCB 1CX backhoe arms

Commissioned & Produced by Sharjah Biennial

Sinnokrot is an artist whose films, installations and sculptures often explore the complex realities of conflict and diaspora. Ka transposes the raised-arms Egyptian hieroglyph of  an ancient belief system into a contemporary sculpture. An iconoclastic icon, a primal gesture as much about beckoning the heavens as it is a gesture of despair. All critique and political imperative follows from this simple clash between techne and sacred pose but within a uniquely Palestinian context, Sinnokrot imagines Ka as a humble monument to a future peace.

Note that the assembly was made possible by the labor of Indian workers in a labor camp who Nida bonded with over a shared love of metalwork shop skills.


Unsurprisingly, cricket features heavily in the laborers off-time pursuits.


Watch here for Nida’s kite project soon…

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