Rear Left

Journey to Banana Land

Posted in The Society for the Appreciation of Audio-Visual Culture by rearleft on February 8, 2009


The New York Tropical sound continues to push forward with a bold disregard for borders on maps or between genres. Geko Jones and Uproot Andy are squarely at the intersections of an absurdly wide range of bass-anchored dance music from the equator and elsewhere. New York is blessed to have innovators like this in the mix to keep the sounds properly cross-pollinated.

Geko gives a sample of what it sounds like and where he’s coming from on his Dutty Artz brethren DJ /rupture‘s radio show, Mudd Up! on WFMU.

Uproot Andy’s got a side on the new 12″ on the Bersa Discos imprint that is on high rotation in my living room. A cumbia skeleton draped in a junglist’s skin. Looking forward to hearing that on a bigger sound system.

I’m super-stoked to be putting together some visuals for Geko for an upcoming show in this series. Not sure at this stage if it will be a pre-recorded mix or a live VJ thing. Content-wise the brief is NY Tropical, so expect dancing bananas and fighting cocks, cartoon Cantinflas and chopped and flipped neo-colonial propaganda films in a video mash-up style. Just a taste (NB: CLIP IS SILENT – watch with your favourite tropical-flavoured track):

I’ll be at Que Bajo?! early for a short while on Tuesday. You should check it out.


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