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Posted in War & Culture by rearleft on January 11, 2009

I turned up a interesting connection while  doing the research for this book of curriculum I’m putting together with my colleagues at Global Action Project.

Apparently, a guy called Michael Salomon directed the music video for Metallica’s One:

…simply one of the best music videos ever made. An incredibly powerful antiwar statement and a deeply disturbing piece of sci-fi horror. The song retells a story based on the novel Johnny Got His Gun, which I must track down. The clips throughout One seem to come from the 1971 film version, but apparently there’s a 2008 staged production on film that I’m on the lookout for.

Sadly it looks like Michael Salomon’s perspective on US wars has shifted somewhat, judging by his more recent work for Toby Keith…

(note: universal music won’t allow me to embed the clip, but if you click it anyway it should take you to their youtube)

…an incredible piece of OTT white patriarchal militarist propaganda. We use this video in the curriculum to introduce the concept of ideology to teenagers. It works remarably well.

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